How We Build

We recognize that many freedom fighters have already committed much of their time and energy to ongoing work in their communities. We do not expect all those who wish to stand with us to commit to weekly meetings. Core organizers will chart the day to day course of the organization with the input of network members – women and non binary people of color who want to network with each other about how we can best love and support one another.

We want to create a path of communication within our communities that allows us to better lift up each other’s work, and support each other in troubled times.

Core organizers will reach final decisions about what events we build or endorse, and how we handle conflicts as they arise.

Network members communicate through a central apparatus. This online communication allows network members to indicate what support they need as organizers, so that we can help propel each other’s work forward. This space also provides network members with the opportunity to adopt various roles in events that Lifted Voices organizes. While we do not expect network members to attend weekly meetings, we do believe in showing up for one another whenever we can.

Network members may build toward being core organizers, if they wish, by taking on added responsibilities, such as handling social media work or coordinating monetary and in kind donations.

Community members are supporters and allies who are neither core organizers nor network members. This level of participation is open to white allies and cis men who support our vision, who wish to assist us in our efforts to build meaningful events and community activities.

Our Hummingbird Commando spaces are for women and non binary individuals only, without exception.

We reserve the right to decline potential members whose past or current behavior is inconsistent with the values of our group.

We will regularly announce our community events to all who sign up for this level of participation, and we will reach out for assistance as needed.