Self Defense and the Hummingbird Commando

One central element to this effort is self-defense. The interpersonal violence we face in our everyday as WOC and non-binary peoples finds its systemic reproduction in the state violence we denounce daily. Direct action can take many forms but it should always be directed towards liberation and rooted in radical analysis. Abolition is the only response to the systems that continue to cut our wings. Following this, the Commando has three focus points: analysis/critique, prevention/response, and abolition/liberation. It is our duty to be creative. Oppression and abuse are unapologetic and so are we. Radical self-defense pulls from a long history of WOC organizing that has come from the need to make material our critique of the very physical violence we experience. On a more symbolic level, the hummingbird is indigenous to the western hemisphere and is said to be the spirit of warriors. When we are told we are other and foreign and wrong for existing as a means of justifying the violence used against us it becomes clear that it is our duty to fight.

Both core organizers and network members are welcome in our Hummingbird Commando spaces. White women and white non binary allies who contribute volunteer time to lifted voices may also be welcome. Event announcements will indicate whether these events are POC only, invitation only, or open to outside guests.