On the Pending Disciplinary Action Against Student Organizers at Loyola University Chicago

An open letter to Dana Broadnax, Director of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution at Loyola University:

This afternoon, our organizing collective became aware of this letter, released today by the student organization Loyola Black Voices: http://ow.ly/VrHOj

The organizing community of Chicago will stand behind these young people as actively as necessary. We hope that you will reconsider what’s been put in motion here, as this all seems unjust, unnecessary, and will no doubt become a very time consuming, emotional matter for all concerned. These young organizers are fighting for a world in which Black Lives Matter, and the arbitrary and capricious nature of the action being taken against them is an insult to everyone who engages with these life and death issues. This matter should be dispensed with immediately to create more time, for all concerned, to transformatively address issues of violence and institutional racism.

We look forward to your change of heart in this matter.


Lifted Voices

To add your voice to this call, contact Dana Broadnax at 773-508-8890 or email her at dbroadnax@luc.edu.

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