On The Resignation Of Dante Servin

Dante Servin, the police officer who killed Rekia Boyd by shooting recklessly into a crowd on March 21, 2012, announced his resignation April 17th, 2016. This occurred just two days before the start of an evidentiary hearing was scheduled to begin which was the last step required of the Chicago Police Board before holding a vote to fire him. This important last step, was a culmination of four years’ worth of constant organizing by Rekia’s family and supporters to force the City of Chicago to at least fire Servin for the murder of Rekia Boyd after he was able to walk free as a result of a direct verdict acquitting him of involuntary manslaughter because Judge Porter stated in his ruling, Servin should have been charged with first degree murder. However, with Servin’s resignation, he can still receive his pension beginning in July 2018. In response, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Lifted Voices, Women’s All Points Bulletin and Rekia’s family are issuing and restating the following demands.:

  • We demand the immediate revoking of Dante Servin’s pension.
  • We demand an immediate cap of CPD’s budget.
  • We demand the reopening of the 50 schools closed.
  • We demand the reopening of the mental health centers closed.
  • We demand the immediate closing of Homan Square and all other unknown “black sites”.
  • We demand the immediate implementation of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC).
  • We demand that all police dashcam and body cam videos to be released within one week.
  • We demand the reopening of Ronald Johnson’s case.
  • We demand immediate disinvestment in CPD and a reallocation of the operating funds currently allocated toward policing, which represent 40% of the City’s operating budget and result in $4 million a day spent on policing.
  • We demand a redirection of these saved funds to be used for housing for the homeless and nearly homeless, the full funding of crisis and trauma centers, and a jobs program for our most underserved communities.
  • We demand immediate criminal prosecution of all police officers and government officials involved in the cover ups of the murders of Rekia Boyd, Cedrick Chatman, Laquan McDonald, and Ronald Johnson, including the city lawyers responsible for withholding evidence.
  • We demand the firing of all CPD officers who have filed or signed off on false police reports involving violence committed by themselves or other officers.
  • We demand that Officers Murphy and Lopez be fired without a pension and be tried for perjury after falsifying reports on Pastor Catherine Brown.

Rekia will not be forgotten, and we will continue to say her name.

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